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With the latest cloud and allied technology advancements, businesses can move their applications and data to the cloud. A majority of businesses today have a part of their data on-premise and a cloud part. The data is often spread across systems and silos and needs to be consolidated before the business can analyse it. Our Cloud Data Engineering services help you navigate the complexities presented by this mix of on-premise and in-cloud data. We help you create the right strategy for your Cloud deployments.

Cloud Strategy & Architecture:
In today’s Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) world, cloud-based applications are the logical choice for businesses. Developing the right cloud strategy and choosing the best-suited components for your cloud architecture is the first step in a successful cloud journey. Our hands-on expertise in implementing business-critical applications across a variety of cloud platforms aids you in making the right choices.

Cloud Native Development:
Businesses choose to develop cloud apps as they are easily scalable, provide more flexibility and are easier to maintain due to centralized maintenance. Making the right choices between on-premise and cloud options during the design phase itself is important. Our extensive experience in cloud-based deployments puts us in the best position to help you choose the right path for your cloud-native development.

Data Engineering Pipelines:
Data Engineering Pipelines ensure that the right kind, format and granularity of data is available for analysis. We build data pipelines that enable your Data Science teams to have the right data to build models. Whether your data is on-premise or in the cloud, whether it is structured or unstructured, our Data Engineering teams make sure that you have the right data in the right format at the right time.

Master Data Management:
In today’s world of real-time, on-demand insights, managing a single version of the truth is becoming increasingly critical. Master Data Management (MDM) solutions are enterprise software products that support the identification, linking and synchronisation of master data spread across heterogeneous data sources. We have extensive experience in managing multiple MDM solutions. We undertake master data stewardship and enforce governance via automated monitoring and corrective action implementation techniques.