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Since inception Data Inc has been strongly focussed on the environment:

Energy and usage and efficiency: Data Inc has encouraged and closely monitored electricity usage, switching off equipment when not in use and has always favoured energy efficient equipment.

Climate change: Data Inc encourage sustainable commuting, allowing staff to influence sustainable outcomes directly and has made efforts to invest in greener equipment, reducing carbon footprint with its supply chain.

Waste Reduction: Recycling is strongly encouraged and where possible only recyclable items purchased, end of life equipment taken to dedicated recycling facilities. Clearly marked recycling bins encourage less waste going to landfill sites. Routine shredding of no longer required to be stored documents that can be recycled instead of going into landfill disposal bins.

Biodiversity Loss: Awareness campaigns on increasing threat to natural resource value and importance of sourcing goods and services from sustainable suppliers.

Greenhouse gas emissions: Maintaining company property such that ensuring that there is no negative impact on EPC ratings.

Carbon footprint reduction: The use of public transport and cycling is heavily promoted in the company, increasing remote working to help reduce carbon footprint.


The principles of the social policy followed at Data Inc include:

Fair pay and living wages: We ensure we provide fair wages using the government’s minimum wage scale. We also have sustainable employment as this ensures ongoing support to their families, contributes to their communities, and helps them achieve their career goals.

Equal employment opportunity: Being a minority-run company, we aim to go beyond simply complying with employment and non-discrimination policies. We promote acceptance, respect, and inclusion. We are committed to strengthening diversity, equality, and inclusion within our company.

Employee Benefits: We understand that our people’s physical and mental wellness is vital to us, and our focus will continue as such. Allowing remote/hybrid working significantly improves our staff’s well-being and access to various benefits are provided.

Health and Safety: The safety and well-being of our people are the first and highest priority. We follow a strict corporate safety policy at every level to ensure consistent and safe work practices.

Community Engagement: We encourage our staff to engage and contribute to communities locally and globally. As a company, we belong to and actively participate in various local community business networks.

Responsible supply chain partnerships: We take proactive measures to meet the corporate green goals in our supply chain effectively.

Adhering to Labour Laws: As a company, all labour laws are followed and adhered to, governed by the United Kingdom Government


The principles of Corporate Governance followed at Data Inc include:

Accountability: Accountability means to be answerable and be obligated to take responsibility for one’s actions. By doing so, two things can be ensured-

  1. That the management is accountable to the Board of Directors.
  2. That the Board of Directors is accountable to the shareholders and contractual clients of the company.

This principle gives confidence to clients and shareholders in the business of the company that in case of any unfavourable situation, the persons responsible will be held in charge.

Fairness: Fairness gives clients and shareholders an opportunity to voice their grievances and address any issues relating to the violation of their rights. This principle deals with the protection of clients and shareholders’ rights, treating all clients and shareholders equally without any personal favouritism, and granting redressal for any violations of rights.

Transparency: Providing clear information about a company’s policies and practices and the decisions that affect the rights of the clients or shareholders represents transparency. This helps to build trust and a sense of togetherness between the top management and the stakeholders. It ensures accurate and full disclosure to shareholders timely on material matters like financial condition, performance, ownership.

Independence: Independence means the ability to make decisions freely without being unduly influenced. Decisions should be made freely without having any personal interest in the company. It ensures the reduction in conflict of interest. Corporate governance suggests the appointment of independent directors and advisors so that decisions are taken responsibly without influence.

Social Responsibility: Apart from the 4 main principles, there is an additional principle of corporate governance. Company social responsibility obligates the company to be aware of social issues and take action to address them. In this way, the company creates a positive image in the industry. The first step towards Corporate Social Responsibility is to practice good Corporate Governance.